How LCD Buyback Works

Get paid in 4 easy steps:


1. Free Shipping

Submit your LCD Buyback order online and print your free shipping label!


2. Send Us Your Package

Package your LCDs to send to us for LCD Buyback!


3. We Test

Allow 48-72 hours for processing. We share the final results with you.


4. Get Paid

LCD Buyback will help you earn cash! Payment methods include: Cash, PayPal, Wire Transfer

About Us

We are a LCD Buyback company based in Texas. CrackedMasters has been in business since 2015 and is striving to satisfy its valuble customers each day.

Competitive Pricing

We served LCD Buyback services to over 3500 repair shops in 2015 and aim to reach over 10,000 shops in 2018 . CrackedMasters has the most competitive prices in the LCD Buyback market with the fastest turnaround time of 2-5 business days. If you are happy with our services, please recommend us to your friends and other repair stores as well. If you are not already a customer, please go ahead and request a shipping label and we will give you every reason to choose our LCD Buyback service every time. Let us help you double your profits.

Trust Us

We strive to build up an establishment of trust with our LCD Buyback clients. We test everything that comes in to guarantee you are paid exactly what you deserve. CrackedMasters will send back every rejected LCD from the LCD Buyback per clients request. Else, we will recycle them at no extra charge.

Protect the Earth

CrackedMasters is a socially and environmentally responsible LCD Buyback company. We take steps to recycle the LCDs leftover from our LCD Buyback inspection process. Help us protect the earth.

We Charity

CrackedMasters recycles all rejected LCDs from the LCD Buyback. We donate a percentage of your order to a local charity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get paid from the LCD Buyback process?

Once we receive your package, it takes 48-72 hours to process and for you to receive payment.

How do you qualify A-Grade, B-Grade, and C-Grade?

Grade A: Grade A LCDs are high-quality screens that have fewer imperfections than Grade B LCDs. Grade A LCDS do not have scratches, marks or lines. They also can’t have spots in the central viewing area, light leakage or dead pixels. Grade A+ LCDs have the highest quality screens and very few imperfections.

Grade B: While still acceptable, Grade B LCDs could have dead pixels and scratches that are not in the central viewing area. Although a Grade B LCD can have marks, you won’t be able to see them on blue backgrounds. Lines are also unnoticeable on gray scale backgrounds.

Grade C: A Grade C LCD has the greatest number of defects and can have lines that are unnoticeable on RGB backgrounds. Grade C LCDs can also have light leakage.

Do you buy aftermarket LCDs for LCD Buyback?

We currently buy original LCDs only. With the exception of aftermarket iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ LCD’s.

What if I want to use something other than FedEx?

You are welcome to use any shipping provider you like to send in your screens for LCD Buyback. We have a working relationship with FedEx and use them, exclusively.

What happens to the rejected screens?

As per your request, we either ship them out to you (shipping cost will apply). Otherwise according to our Corporate social responsibility to protect the environment we shall recycle your LCDs.


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