What is LCD Buyback?

When you are repairing phones, it is likely that your screens might get cracked, broken or even damaged, this is where LCD buyback comes in. LCD Buyback is the process of buying broken LCD’s and recycling them.
LCD Buyback companies test LCD’s and buy the ones which are good, while they recycle the rejected ones.
The LCD’s which businesses might think are of no use to them and would prefer trashing them over piling them up in their offices could help getting them paid! Businesses could earn money on screens they thought were simply trash when they were much more important than just trash. They were a source of earning cash easily.
This process is a 4-step process. The first step in this process is to submit your order online and print your free shipping label, the next step is to pack all the screens carefully with all the instructions given on our website. The third step is when we test all your given LCD’s, and separate all the LCD’s into three grades; A, B and C. This is a very quick process at CrackedMasters whereas, usually businesses take up to days and weeks to test. The forth and last step, is going to be your favorite one yet! You get Paid! It’s that easy, you send us your LCD’s, we test and pay you for them!