LCD Buyback Criteria

Why would you want to consider CrackedMasters to be your LCD Recycler? We will talk about few points today, which will hopefully persuade you into selling us your broken screens.

Without a doubt, pricing will always be important. You deserve the highest return from your LCD Buyback Company, and that is actually what CrackedMasters will provide you with. When a company cells their screens to us, we make sure that we give them a satisfying quote for all the screens as we believe in building relationships with each one of our customer.
CrackedMasters believes in recycling over dumping broken LCD’s as we are familiar with all the challenges our customers face everyday and we understand their needs completely. Why dump your LCD’s when you can earn cash using the LCD’s you thought were of no use?
We believe in helping our customers out as much as we can, we do not want to stress them out by creating problems for them but we want to find solutions and make their life easier, which is why we try our best to test your LCD’s in very less time, you will usually be able to see results the next day. We can FaceTime you while checking your LCD’s as we believe it will help build up trust between us and our customers.
We test all your LCD’s in a clean and static free room, and all testing is done by trained technicians. Now you decide; Would you want to sell your broken screens and wait for days without any explanation or would you want to receive quick results and payments?